Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Have a Beer with Hillary

Earlier this week NPR ran a story on the likeability, or lack thereof, of a certain female presidential candidate. In the soundbites we heard her bemoaning the fact that so many people voted for our current president because he was someone we felt we could sit and share a beer with. Now, the story was definitely not about beer, but toward the end they asked her about this, the perception she's not the person American's seem to want to sit and enjoy a beer with. Her response was appropriate, reminding us that we're not voting for Student Body President here; however, she also admitted she'd had more than a few beers with folks on the campaign trail - beers of the "local" and "microbrew" variety.

Now, don't get me wrong, I know she's as well scripted as any right about now, but the sentiment was comforting, the picture painted good. She could have left it at having 'beer' on the trail, but she actually clarified the local and microbrewed beer consumption. Does this mean anything? No, of course not. I just thought I'd share because I'm a sucker for anything craft beer related. Right?