Saturday, February 23, 2008

On The Road Again

As far as travel goes, I've pretty much been a slacker. Sure, I've been pretty much everywhere on the west coast, from Mexico to Canada, and a lot of places around the Rockies, but I've never really traveled along the east coast. Well, it's time to fix that, and tomorrow I'll arrive in Philadelphia for the first time, taking only a few days in the city to see the great beer spots, as well as some of our nation's landmarks. On Weds I'll head to some well known joints, Victory and Troegg's, before making my way to New York on Thursday. I'll return home on Sunday, a week after flying out. Then, through coincidence and chance, I'll be making my second trip ever to Philly three days later.

Thanks to Don and Lew for the tips. With their help, I will try to hit all these places up in Philly over the next few days.

- McGillin’s Old Ale House
- Bottle shop: Foodery @ Northern Liberties
- Dinner at Standard Tap
- Nodding Head Brewery
- Khyber
- Triumph Brewery
- Lunch at Tria Café
- Beneluxx
- Tria

More to come on this, I'm sure, I just don't know when. We're wrapping up our next issue of DRAFT, hopefully explaining my lack of input here. I do want to say thanks for those who've emailed me this week, as well as those I just met over the last two weekends.