Tuesday, June 12, 2007

From Lebanon with Love

A friend of PBN recently brought a few hand-delivered bottles home with him from a trip to Lebanon. They were brought back in good condition and tonight I had my first opporunity to give one a try - the Almaza Pilsner.

I must say I was a bit leary giving this a try; afterall, I hadn't read a lot about Lebanon's proud brewing traditions. I am more than happy to say, however, this is a great beer with a light malty sweetness up front that is a bit bready and balanced nicely by a surprisingly crisp hop character that was a bit spicy. The beer finishes slightly dry and has a pleasant lingering bitterness that is very refreshing. Overall, this beer is wonderfully thirst quenching and ideal for warmer weather like we're having out in the Sacramento area.

Thank you Mark for sharing, this is a real treat. For you readers, next time you're in Lebanon be sure to look this beer up and let us know what you think. Score: 3.9/5