Friday, June 27, 2008

Kevin Pratt: Brewer at Greenhouse Restaurant

In an earlier post about Greenhouse Restaurant I mentioned I didn't know who the brewer there was. Turns out it is none other than Kevin Pratt, one of the world's few Grand Master Judges for the BJCP and manager at Folsom's homebrew shop, Brewmeister. In his free time he also heads the Gold Country Brewers Association, the Sacramento region's oldest homebrew club, serving at President. Just for fun he's also the Assistant Continuing Education Director for the BJCP. Somehow the guy still finds time to drink a beer or two and can be seen, on occasion, at the region's great breweries. I've drank with him, judged with him, sat on the board of directors for GCBA with him and even sat in a class or two that he led for BJCP preparation. I don't know a lot more about Kevin's resume, but the guy clearly knows a thing or two about beer making.

According to Pratt, he will begin brewing the organic set of beers very soon (days, not weeks). He's tweaking his own recipes based on organic ingredient availability, and hops seem to be a major pain in butt right now (imagine that). The beers will mostly be English in style, a preference set forth by the owner, but at this point it is a wait-and-see game for us chomping at the bits to try new, fresh beers. Luckily, it sounds like an unfiltered wheat beer is not far away from being ready.

Tidbits: If Greenhouse is unable to source all the organic ingredients they need (dark roasted malts, hops) they seem to have a plan. Beers with any non "organic" ingredients will simply be called "Natural". Brews served there called "Organic" will be 100% organic. If your a local and are concerned about the organic-ness of your beer, you'll be happy to hear Pratt and the gang at Greenhouse are doing their best to deliver.