Thursday, June 12, 2008

Congrats Tracy

Naturally I am writing here without any of the pertinent facts or real for the fact that I just want to say "way to go Tracy" on reaching one of your life's goals. A masters degree (MBA, UC Davis) is just not something any ole Joe Schmo can claim to have achieved. But now the Canadian/Californian wizard child of nearly all things can say exactly that. Nicely done I must say my friend.
At the moment she is with family somewhere in a cabin near Truckee basking in the after glow of a truly outstanding achievement, but hey - as we all know - that's just what she does and who she is.

I for one know that I am the better for knowing her and hope to continue that tradition far into the future.

Looking forward to the official celebration party at Sacramento Brewing on Saturday. I wouldn't miss it for all the stain glass windows in China.

Here's to you Tracy!