Thursday, September 20, 2007

Craft Beer Highlighted in Playboy

The current issue of Playboy has hit mailboxes and stores around the country, and this month they feature a pretty large piece on American craft beer, apparently written by Stephen Beaumont and Todd Alstrom. The magazine features:

Head of the Class -
This is a short list of noteworthy American Craft Brewers. I don't believe they were ranked in any particular order, just listed. In all, I can't say I have any problem at all with this list, happy to see Stealhead and Port Brewing listed, as they're among my favorites.

Some of the brewers listed include:
  • Avery - Colorado
  • Capital - Wisconsin
  • Live Oak - Texas
  • Port - California
  • Steelhead - Oregon
Beer 101 -
This is basically a brief intro to beer styles, including Malt Liquor. The most glaring mishap is when they describe IPA without ever using the word "hops" - how is that even possible? In all though, a good beginners guide for those who believe Bud is king and, that "cold" is a flavor and that Miller ushers in the high life.

Finally, there's a pretty cool piece highlighting premier beer gear, for those loaded with more money than they know what to do with.

Hopefully we can see more good stuff about the beer we love in more mainstream publications with broad appeal.