Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary Auburn Alehouse

One of Pacific Brew News' favorite establishments is turning two in June - Auburn Alehouse. Longtime followers of PBN may remember us imbibing fine IPAs in the brewery whilst it was still under construction. We also recorded a podcast on the patio and talked extensively with owner/brewmaster Brian Ford. Now, we've been invited back by Brian to sit with him and celebrate his two amazing years in business.

Just how amazing? If you haven't yet been there, it may be hard to put into words. The place is busy night after night. Food there rocks and the beers - oh my - the beers are top-notch! In 2008, just months after opening, Auburn Alehouse won the People's Choice Award at the Raley Field Beer Fest - beating out 47 other NorCal brewers! The mayor of Auburn has brewed a batch of beer. The long-time brewmaster of the now-closed Elk Grove Brewing Company, Bill Woods, is now brewing there (and his Dead Man Red was brilliant!). In every way measurable, Auburn Alehouse has succeeded beyond anyone's expectations.

So, clearly, there's a lot to celebrate. We hope you'll join us and the AAH crew as we enjoy the second annivsary brew - Unobtainium (a big, west coast double IPA) - along with all the other festivities of the weekend. We hope to see you there.

When: June 21st
Where: Auburn Alehouse | 289 Washington St, Auburn Ca

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