Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gueneville/Santa Rosa Beer Tasting

Our PBN friend and fellow judge, Todd, was in Guerneville and Santa Rosa a few days ago and sent back this update from his fact-finding mission – if anyone will be traveling in that area, looks like there are some great beers on tap as always:

The Beer Geek

Hello PBN:

I was lucky enough to squeeze in a 2 hour tasting at Stumptown Brewery in Guerneville and lunch on the way home at Russian River. Check out www.stumptown.com.

Stumptown was very unique and interesting. I met the brewer Peter and got a chance to sample a few of his beers. Here’s what they had:

1) Black Lager – Black color. Persistent tan head. Very smoky and roasty. Light body. Low hop bitterness, finishing a little wet. Interesting having such a strong aroma and flavor while still light and easy drinking.

2) Pale Ale – Made like a steam ale. Very creamy and smooth. Floral/citrus hop aroma. Won at CA State Fair in 2004.

3) Blackberry Wheat – Nice tart flavor with all the esters of a good wheat beer. Banana, spices, blackberry go well together. Refreshing beer while we sat in the sun.

4) XPort Ale – Made with a so-called “Strain 108” yeast from some Cal Poly professors. It was a Scottish Ale. Very sweet and malty. Yeast added banana and spices. Floral/citrus hops in there too. Very complex and very enjoyable.

They also had Racer 5 and a couple guest taps, but I stuck with the house brews.

At Russian River they currently had 12 beers on tap and I sampled them all:

1) Pliny the Elder
2) Blind Pig
3) Damnation
4) Salvation
5) Perdition
6) Little White Lie
7) Russian River IPA
8) Aud Blonde
9) Hop 2 It
10) Consecration
11) OVL Stout
12) Redemption

I brought home growlers of Pliny and Blind Pig. Need to get together for a pint since these are in high demand!