Monday, January 5, 2009

Sacramento: Oasis Closed

I won't make this a very long post, but yesterday (Jan. 4, 2009) was the last day The Oasis was open to the public. They are working now on transferring beer and equipment to Sacramento Brewing's primary location in Sacramento, on the corner of Fulton and Marconi. While the writing has been on the walls for some time (it didn't take a genius to see there just weren't a lot of seats filled recently) it is still a sad day for me, due to the fact I'd made this a favorite local brewery over the last couple years.

So long Oasis, you served us well for some time.

To the locals: This is a warning shot for us I figure, time now to support our local brewers a bit more (remember, we just lost Elk Grove Brewing, too). Fill a growler, buy a pint, do what you can to get the freshest, high-quality beers you can. Of course, we have more than SacBrew to support, with breweries like Rubicon, Hoppy, Auburn Alehouse, Beermann's and more. We've got great beer in the region, easily worth our support.