Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sour Night @ Sacramento Brewing Co.

Sour Beer Night, Come in, Pucker up

It isn't enough that Sacramento Brewing Company won a medal for its Imperial Stout at last year's GABF, and it isn't enough that SBC took a medal home from this year's World Beer Cup in one of the competition's deepest styles (Amber Ale). No, since that's happened Peter Hoey and the SBC team has brought in some barrels (bourbon, wine, port) and is doing some pretty wicked experiments with them, the first of which will be released this winter: Old Pappy, a bourbon barrel-aged wheat wine. Other barrels use strange, exotic yeast strains from around the world (California, Colorado, Belgium) in order to make what promises to be outstanding sour beer. Hell, apparently not even that is enough.

Peter Hoey has told me that he now has kegs of New Belgium's Eric and Deschutes' The Dissident with plans of tapping them both on the same night for a wild experience in sour ales we don't see too often around these parts (yet, waiting for his barrel-aged beers to mature). Now, what the heck are these beers all about anyway?

New Belgium's Eric is part of the brewery's Lips of Faith program that allows employees there to brew a batch of beer. This is a sour ale aged on peaches! I've had this only once and am certainly excited to hear it will be on tap locally.

Deschutes' The Dissident is a Flanders Brown Ale matured more than a year in barrels. This is a pretty special beer and I promise you won't see it around in our region for very long. This beer won't be as sour as Eric, but if you're new to the style it'll certainly grab your attention.

While both the Dissident and Eric will be available at both locations, you'll have to make it to their Town-and-Country location to participate in Pint Night.


Monday, Sept. 22 starting at 5PM

Oasis (Madison/Sunrise) and SacBrew locations (Fulton/Marconi)

Admission is free, just show up.

$4.75 gets you either the Dissident or Eric served in a wine glass (8-ounce pour)

$10 (estimated; only at Fulton/Marconi) gets you Eric in a New Belgium-logo stemmed glass that you get to keep! (very nice, by the way; 16-ounce pour)