Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sacramento's Newest Beer Joint?

I've heard now from a couple reps and distributors that there is a new place about to open that will pique my interest, Manderas in Folsom. After calling a few times and emailing the owner, I got a call back this morning and have a few details to share. I can't vouch for the establishment, as far as what they deliver, but if you're in the area you'll want to check this out.

"We've got about 120 beers, 20 on tap" says owner Brent Whited. From the sounds of it, they've got a 'no crap on tap' policy and expect to rotate all their taps, a bold move I applaud. Of the 100 bottled beers, Whited says they represent the best of the region, as well as the northwest and fine imports. Talking with the reps and distributors, it sounds as if there is a great Belgian beer selection.

Brent wanted to be sure it was known that this isn't just a beer bar. With a fine wine selection and a food menu featuring American, Asian and Italian dishes, this is a place for socializing, either with a loved one or a group of friends. I was actually struck by how much the word 'social' came up in our conversation, obviously a goal they have for the place.

There is a bar and seating for 50 guests. Additionally, I got the impression that there was a patio in back that would be made available in the future - maybe when weather is more inviting. Manderas will also have TVs for those interested (although he claims this is not a sports bar) and WiFi for those on a working lunch.

They open on Sunday, December 9th, at 11 AM. I'll be there soon enough to check on all this, as it sounds like the kind of place I was hoping the region had just a couple days ago.

Mark your calendars. Manderas will be hosting a Winter Beer tasting on December 13th, an aggressive and bold move if you ask me. I like it.

More Info:

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402 E. Bidwell St.
Folsom, Ca
(916) 986-9655
Owners: Brent Whited and Dave Matthews