Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hometown Love

This has been an exciting year for beer lovers in the Sacramento area. Among the statewide woes that seem to settle in our region (the state's capital), a few regional brewers have made life here a bit more fun. First there was the 2007 GABF when both Sacramento and Rubicon Brewing companies took home some hardware, a feat that we're still proud of in the area. Then there was this year's World Beer Cup when Sacramento Brewing added to its medal collection with a good showing in the amber ale category (in case you don't know, that's a huge category). Next came the Raley Field Beer Festival where the newish brewpub, Auburn Alehouse, won the people's choice award over several brewers that have a greater reputation. Finally, at last weekend's Bistro IPA Festival, Auburn Alehouse followed things up with a top-three finish for it's Gold Digger IPA (a beer we at PBN have enjoyed since before AAH was even opened!).

I know sometimes it seems like I'm just pimping my hometown brewers here and on our show, but I can't be more proud of the guys in the region who are working their asses off to make damn good beer - beers that are recognized in some of the biggest competitions. To be near breweries like Rubicon, Sacramento and Auburn is an absolute joy. If ever you find your way to the region, make sure you stop and enjoy the world-class beers brewed right here. Sure, they don't have an international following quite like other NorCal brewers, but I have a feeling that could change if folks like Scott Cramlet (Rubicon), Peter Hoey (SacBrew) and Brian Ford (Auburn) keep brewing around here. Guys - thanks for all you do.