Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beer Podcasts

It seems like every month a new conversation is struck on the most popular beer forums where people are looking for the best beer podcasts. As a semi-podcaster that's been around for a few years, I feel like I can help a bit with the quest.

Your first stop (perhaps your only) would be to check out Here you'll find a collection of some of the best beer podcasts all under one feed. Who's there? To begin there is the pioneer in beer podcasting, the Good Beer Show, along with popular shows like Craft Beer Radio. Heck, there's even a great food/beer show called My Life as a Foodie. These podcasts and many more are delivered to your computer and you only need to subscribe to one feed. How cool is that?

Notable shows not on Beer Safari include Basic Brewing Radio (and Video) and The Brewing Network. Both of these shows are great, informative and entertaining - be sure to check them out as well.