Monday, October 13, 2008

GABF Coverage

Hey everyone. To begin, I simply MUST say thank you for all the kind words said to me during the GABF this week. Next, you've noticed I didn't cover it here. Instead I kept a running blog on the DRAFT website and did a walking tour of the event with James Spencer of Basic Brewing. You can view the goods at the following locations.
In addition, DRAFT has created a series of brewer interview videos from the event, check these out too!
  • Sean, the Homebrew Chef
  • Mike, of Dark Horse Brewing
  • Patrick, of The Bruery
  • Rob, of Widmer Bros.
  • Brian, of Mad River Brewing
  • Jeff, of Tall Grass Brewing
  • Peter, of Sacramento Brewing
  • Matt, of Firestone Walker
  • Tess, of Boulder Beer Co.