Saturday, December 8, 2007

BeerCaster's Christmas

When not writing on this blog or working for a magazine, I try to find time to create beer-based podcasts, and I'm not alone. This year for the Holidays a group of beer podcasters, friends, got a brilliant idea to do a video podcast beer exchange, and I was happy to be a part of that. I put our piece in without Mark and Mike because of time considerations, certainly wish I could have delayed my part a few days to get their input on this - but there's always next year.

Below is the video, if you're interested. It does contain strong language, beer consumption and one guy gets slapped. It also contains a lot of humor, well wishes and another illustration of the diversity and good-nature of those who love good beer.

I sent a few beers out to Muncie, Indiana, for the good folks of the Good Beer Show, headed by JeffreyT and received a wonderful beer from the guys at The Beer Report. You'll also get to see the guys from Craft Beer Radio, Should I Drink That, Speaking of Beer, Dude Night, Brain Gravy and Big Foamy Head. We are all part of Beer Safari.